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Dolmabahce Clock Tower Dolmabahce Clock Tower

Dolmabahce Clock Tower

The Dolmabahçe Clock Tower was built by Sultan Abdülhamid II between the years 1890-1895 and can be seen at the entryway to the Dolmabahçe Palace.

It was designed by the palace architect Sarkis Balyan in the Neo-baroque and Ottoman styles.


Dolmabahce Clock Tower was built in 1890-1894 for Sultan Abdül Hamid II. The tower is in an eclectic style combining baroque, neo-classical and empire. It is 30 metres high an divided into four storeys of diminishing size. The clocks on the fourth store came from France.


It is a 27 meter high four storey structure on two sides of which Sultan Abdülhamid's monogram can be seen. The Paul Gamier Clock was installed by clockmaker Johann Meyar and was partially electronicized in 1979. It still works today


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