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City Museum

In the 8th century, a very colorful journey. . . .

City Museumi features an exhibition of materials that reflect the social lives of Istanbulites during the city’s Ottoman period.

The museum’s collection was first housed in the Beyazıt Municipal Library before moving to its current location, the Yıldız Palace Complex, in 1945.  The building is adjoined to the Yıldız Palace Museum and located just to the east of the Büyük Mabeyn, or State Apartments.

Şehir Müzesi showcases a wide range of artifacts, including calligraphy boards, fabrics, glass objects, kitchen utensils, coffee sets, seals, skin patterns, scales and weights, and ceramic works.  In fact, the museum houses an especially important collection of Yıldız porcelain, as produced at the factory in Yıldız Park, in addition to examples of wooden toys once sold at Eyüp.


NOTES Monday, closed; Tuesday-Saturday, 9:00am-4:30pm; Sunday, closed

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